Aptech Services is a Houston-based manufacturing and service company founded in 1997. We supply quality plastic products, especially focused on in vitro diagnostic accessories. Our products include Diagnostic Cassettes like Rapid Flow Through Devices, Rapid Flow Through Cassettes, Rapid Flow Through Housings, Lateral Flow Devices, Lateral Flow Cassettes, Lateral Flow Housings, Microwell Strips, Microwell Plates, Microtiter Strips, Microtiter Plates, ELISA Well Strips, Microwell Rack holders, and other accessories. We also offer service of custom molding design and manufacturing to meet our customer's unique requirements. For customers who need printing on the plastic products, we provide the metallic or ink printing service. In order to have our OEM customers concentrating on their core business, we offer the outsourcing service of absorbent pad cutting and assembly for the in vitro diagnostic industry to help them reduce their laboring cost and burden. We offer customized procedures and work instructions that are specific to our customer's projects and can easily be incorporated into their documentation system. As an outsourcing vendor, workload may be difficult to adjust. We have a good laboring management and can flexibly handle any busy or slow workload schedules. Customers's needs are always our first priority. From our experience in past years, you as our clients will be satisfied with our work. Our goal is to serve our customers by delivering quality products and services on time at very competitive prices.

Here are the summaries about our products and services:

New technology and discovery are changing the world everyday; the customer's needs may be changing also. With our strong manufacturing base and responsive staff we have the capability to meet our customer's current and future requirements.

Aptech Services welcomes the opportunity to quote on the requirements.

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